Seven years after the adoption of the Paris Agreement, climate commitments are not on track to keep the 1.5°C target within reach. At the heart of the climate system, the ocean is a powerful source of untapped solutions. In the preparation of the global stocktake ahead of COP28, it is time to identify a “blue ambition loop” from governments and non-state actors to accelerate the implementation of ocean-based solutions to deliver on the goals of the Paris Agreement.


  • Marine Lecerf, Ocean & Climate Platform (OCP) (Welcoming remarks/Moderation)
  • Micheline Khan, World Resources Institute (WRI)
  • Izhaar Ali, Ocean Officer, Climate Change and International Cooperation Division, Ministry of Economy, Fiji — Implementing Nationally Determined Contributions
  • Dr. Joachim Claudet, Senior Research and Ocean Advisor, CNRS-CRIOBE (visio) — Implementing climate-resilient Marine Protected Areas
  • Wenche Grønbrekk, Director of Strategy, Partnerships and External Relations, Seabos — Developing sustainable blue food
  • Emil Damgaard Grann, Head of Global Policy Engagement, Orsted — Deploying sustainably planned and managed Marine Renewable Energy
  • Gwynne Taraska, Managing Directory for Cross-cutting Climate Issues, Office of thé Special Presidential Envoy for Climate USA — Decarbonising the shipping industry
  • Ignace Beguin, Ocean Lead, UN Climate Change HL Climate Champion team (Closing remarks and wrap-up)


Image credit: Nicholas Doherty