Of the $100 billion in private investment towards water since 1990 only 1% has been received in sub-Saharan Africa. Addressing water-related needs, stresses, and shocks in a manner that is low-carbon and sustainable is therefore the biggest investment opportunity that will underpin all other development in the continent and across the globe. Hosted at the Water Climate Pavilion Finance Day (co-curated with ADB & AfDB) this session will showcase several initiatives and partnerships that are blending public and private investment and know-how to accelerate investment in high-impact water resilience solutions – including the ACWA Fund & Platform. The session will spotlight real-life examples of projects and outcomes achieved through partnerships between financing initiatives - elevating water resilience as a policy and investment priority in subnational, national, regional, and international development and climate agendas for increased and scaled action.



  • Ede Ijjasz, former Regional Director, World Bank
  • Smita Rawoot, World Resources Institute


  • Ms. Stientje van Veldhoven, World Resources Institute
  • Jochen Renger, GIZ
  • Kathryn Pharr, WaterAid
  • Martin Shouler, Arup
  • Binayak Das, Water Integrity Network
  • Yasmine Abdel-Maksoud, American University in Cairo
  • David Ramos, HSBC
  • Nick O'Donohoe, British International Investment
  • Rami Ghandour, Metito
  • Colin McQuistan, Practical Action


Image by: jcomp/FreePik