Buildings are the biggest, most cost-effective climate mitigation solution available, yet investment in energy efficiency and zero carbon buildings is still slow to uptake. In this event, we'll highlight various pathways to achieving a Zero Carbon Buildings future and share the resources available from WRI and IFC to aid in this transition. We will also hear the success story of Colombia which serves as an example of how enabling policies, financial sector involvement, private sector players and government incentives can truly transform a market.

Key Takeaways:

  • What are the climate targets cities should refer to when setting their climate policies for the building sector?

  • How does the Zero Carbon Building Accelerator help governments eliminate building sector CO2 emissions?

  • How does green building certification/EDGE help cities plan their Zero Carbon futures?

  • Case Study – Colombia’s Transformation, Present and Future


  • Fairuz Loutfi, WRI Mexico

  • Michelle M. Farrell, EDGE/IFC

  • Angelica Ospina, Consejo Colombiano de Construcción Sostenible


Cover Image by: Levi Ari Pronk / Unsplash