Many large-scale energy customers, from local governments to corporations, have set ambitious clean energy goals. Utility investments in renewables in the overall generation mix are important to achieving them. But there can be a number of barriers to the inclusion of solar and other renewables in utility long-term planning, including cost and technology assumptions, modeling approaches and scenario development. Large-scale energy customers and utilities have an opportunity and are increasingly taking action to update practices and address these barriers.

Join World Resources Institute on September 15 for a webinar on the ways that solar energy is currently considered and can be improved in utility long-term planning, and how customers are engaging in these plans to advance their clean energy goals. The event will highlight findings from new WRI research on the types of barriers that affect the treatment of solar in utility planning and opportunities for stakeholders to address these challenges. It will also feature a panel of representatives from local governments, companies and utility commissions to discuss the ways long-term utility plans affect customer clean energy goals and how customers can and have engaged in these processes to advance renewable energy.


  • Lori Bird, U.S. Energy Director and Polsky Chair for Renewable Energy, World Resources Institute
  • Eric O’Shaughnessy, Consultant, Clean Kilowatts Consulting
  • Letha Tawney, Commissioner, Oregon Public Utilities Commission
  • Heidi Ratz, Senior Manager, Policy and Market Innovations, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance
  • Tobin Freid, Sustainability Manager, Durham County, North Carolina
  • Julia Eagles, Associate Director of Utility and Regulatory Strategy, Institute for Market Transformation