Large energy buyers—including companies and cities—play an important role in the clean energy transition. Historically, these groups have driven demand for renewable energy by making clean energy purchases to power their operations. But in the coming decades, large energy buyers will need to go further and take additional actions to help create a zero-carbon electric grid by 2050.

These actions can optimize how, when and where clean energy is deployed to help reduce long-term emissions. Some buyers are already starting to undertake such advanced practices that match clean energy generation to their energy use, including the use of energy storage, load shifting and carbon-free generation sources that can operate at all hours of the day. Others are encouraging clean energy policy and grid investments, adoption of new clean energy technologies, and approaches that help ensure an equitable and just transition to clean energy.

Join World Resources Institute for a webinar highlighting new research on advanced actions  that companies and cities can take to reach a 100% carbon-free grid. Representatives from Google, Microsoft and Des Moines City Council will speak on how they developed and pursued 24/7 clean energy targets for their own companies and communities.


  • Reid Spolek, Senior Energy Lead, Google
  • Tia Hansen, Senior Program Manager, Renewable Energy, Microsoft
  • Josh Mandelbaum, Council Member, City of Des Moines
  • Lori Bird, US Energy Director and Polsky Chair for Renewable Energy, World Resources Institute
  • Norma Hutchinson, Research Analyst, Energy Program, World Resources Institute