The Zero Carbon Building Accelerator (ZCBA ) builds on five years of success and learning through the Building Efficiency Accelerator platform, a global, cross-sectoral effort to assist national and subnational governments with policy and programming to improve energy efficiency. The ZCBA takes the Building Efficiency Accelerator’s expertise, resources and network and expands it into a broader mandate to decarbonize the world’s buildings by 2050. The Accelerator also begins implementation of Zero Carbon Buildings for All, a global initiative endorsed by the UN Secretary General at the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit.

With the support of the Global Environment Facility, UN Environment Programme, World Green Building Council and other global partners, the ZCBA will coordinate the development of roadmaps and action plans toward a zero-carbon building sector by 2050, beginning in partner countries Colombia and Turkey and eventually spreading throughout the Building Efficiency Accelerator’s expansive network of subnational partners through “net-zero-ready” programming.

In this launch webinar, global thought leaders will speak about the urgent challenges inherent in building sector decarbonization and what kind of business and planning models can help us overcome these challenges. How do we plan for 2050 goals while encouraging action now? How do we incorporate resilience, health and equity into zero-carbon buildings? Sustainable building champions from Colombia and Turkey will outline their national and local visions for a zero-carbon future and how ZCBA can enable them.

Join us on Tuesday, June 22 at 9:00 am ET to dive into these questions and learn how you can get involved.

The event will feature the CEO of the Global Environment Facility, Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, and project champions Carlos Eduardo Correa, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Colombia and Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin Birpinar, Vice President, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Turkey with a panel discussion including Martina Otto of UN Environment Programme and Cristina Gamboa of the World Green Building Council.

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