Timezones: 9:30 AM EDT | 3:30 PM CET

In the World Resources Report: Creating a Sustainable Food Future, WRI developed a menu of solutions to feed 10 billion people by 2050 while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and without clearing more forests.

A new WRI report, A Pathway to Carbon Neutral Agriculture in Denmark, applies this approach to Denmark’s agriculture system and offers a roadmap to reach carbon neutral agriculture – an ambitious goal its major agricultural associations aim to achieve by 2050. Although the focus is on Denmark, the technologies, solutions and approach are broadly applicable to advanced agricultural countries in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

Join this webinar to learn more about what it will take to achieve carbon neutral agriculture around the world, from feed additives to nitrogen fixing crops and new manure management practices. You will also hear from leaders of Denmark’s agricultural industry and environmental conservation about what WRI’s approach means for the country’s future.


  • Tim Searchinger, Report Lead Author; Senior Fellow and Technical Director, Food Program, WRI, and Senior Research Scholar, Princeton University
  • Maria Reumert Gjerding, President, Danish Society for Nature Conservation (Danmarks Naturfredningsforening)
  • Søren Søndergaard, Farmer and Chairman, Danish Agriculture and Food Council (Landbrug & Fødevarer)
  • Charles Godfray, Director of the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford