In the run up to the Leaders’ Climate Summit - Earth Day - 2021, this webinar on April 19th will discuss the importance of the forest-water nexus in cost-effectively accelerating progress on the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). Featuring speakers from Peru, The NDC Partnership, the government of Colombia and the Inter-American Development Bank, we will showcase examples of how forest and water-based Nature-Based Solutions are being used to enhance climate commitments and consider a way forward.

Background to this webinar

To build back better in the wake of COVID-19, while continuing to advance the Paris Climate Agreement goals, governments and their infrastructure and development partners must do more than patch wear-and-tear on existing systems, and instead harness Nature-based Solutions (NBS) to build societal resilience and deliver a low-carbon future for all. Forests are crucial for clean and ample water supply, storing carbon, and for reducing risk of floods and drought. By investing in forest-water NBS that are locally appropraite, can we cost-effectively accelerate progress on climate commitments, while also building resilient communities and economies?


  • Welcome and Introduction | Ingrid Timboe, AGWA
  • A review of NBS in the NDCs and country requests issued to the NDCP 
    Catherine Martini, The NDC Partnership
  • Suzanne Ozment, Senior Associate, Natural Infrastructure Initiative, World Resources Institute (Moderator)

Panel of presentations

  • The role of NBS in achieving Colombia's NDCs
    Kirstie Lopez, Nature-based Solutions Technical Expert for the Colombian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
  • The role of NBS in achieving Peru's NDCs
    Gena Gamme, Associate Director at Forest Trends Peru
  • How development banks can support NBS projects that advance NDCs and how to accelerate regional progress
    Greg Watson, Lead Specialist at the Natural Capital Lab hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank