By nature, cities are exciting, diverse, vibrant places. At the same time, they can be loud, polluting and exhausting. How can we reimagine our cities for the future? How can we create urban environments with environmentally friendly transport, less noise, accessible green spaces and compact, mixed-use development?

This webinar will highlight a vision for tomorrow’s cities developed by the German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) and what it means in the global context of sustainable urban development. This vision includes 10 wide-ranging measures to achieve a city of the future – one of less traffic, fewer cars, and fewer health and climate hazards. In this future city, space is more effectively and economically utilized for sustainable mobility, recreation and living overall. 

Join us for a conversation between Dirk Messner, President of the German Environment Agency, and Ani Dasgupta, Global Director of WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, followed by a panel discussion with city officials and leading thinkers from cities around the world.


  • Dirk Messner, President of the German Environment Agency
  • Ani Dasgupta, Global Director, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities
  • Mariana Alegre Escorza, Executive Director, Lima Cómo Vamos
  • Sam Longman, Head of Corporate Environment, Transport for London
  • Seble Samuel, Co-Founder, Menged Le Sew, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Ben Welle, Director of Integrated Transport and Innovation, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities (moderator)