Ahead of Open Data Day, Resource Watch has partnered with the Open Knowledge Foundation to bring together a panel of global experts such as Chisato Fukuda Calvert, Deputy Director of Open AQ and Stephen Abbott-Pugh, Content Development Manager at Open Knowledge Foundation - moderated by Anders Pedersen, Resource Watch Director. Learn about their experiences working with open data and get a demo of Resource Watch - which curates the world’s best data and maps on deforestation, coral reef bleaching, crops, fishing, fires and other natural disasters, population, poverty, power plants, and much more.

After the demo, participate in a live Q&A with our panel of data experts. Hear about the challenges they face, how they use data to influence decision makers and what they think the future of open data looks like.


  • Stephen Abbott-Pugh, Content Development Manager, Open Knowledge Foundation
  • Chisato Fukuda Calvert, Deputy Director, OpenAQ
  • Anders Pedersen, Resource Watch Director, WRI
  • Corey Filiault, Resource Watch Communications Coordinator, WRI

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