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Financing Models for Electrifying Private Health Clinics with Solar Power: Lessons from Population Services Kenya

Electricity is crucial for providing quality healthcare services. Decentralized renewable technologies will allow much of Africa to leapfrog into a world of clean and uninterrupted electricity supply.

This is already happening. Population Services Kenya (PS Kenya) has provided solar power backup solutions to 23 privately-owned clinics within its network, offering financial assistance in the form of loans and business support to accelerate solar system ownership. This innovative model has helped the clinics work with solar power, uninterrupted by grid blackouts.

In this webinar, we will hear from representatives at PS Kenya – an organization that has tested financing models deployed affordable and sustainable solar power backup solutions, as well as other players that have enabled these solutions. We will discuss the critical components of models for solar-powered projects for healthcare clinics, and address questions such as: What is the most viable model for financing renewable technologies for healthcare clinics? How should vendors engage? How should maintenance services be provided to clinics? What support will clinics need to maximize the benefits of solar electricity?

This webinar will be useful for:

  • Private foundations that are interested in learning how to help health center grantees be more effective
  • Development financing organizations interested in learning about how success in financing health outcomes depends on access to electricity
  • Health organizations interested in learning about innovative solutions for electrification challenges
  • Decentralized renewable energy companies interested in learning more about large potential markets

This webinar is part of World Resources Institute’s Energy for Development workstream, which works with development organizations in East Africa and India to deploy clean energy.


  • Sanjoy Sanyal, Senior Associate for Clean Energy Finance, World Resources Institute
  • Rita Mwachandi, Senior Business Manager, Population Services Kenya
  • Emily Kamau, Focus Medical Maternity & Counseling Center of Kiambu County
  • Christoph Peters, Project Manager, Trama TecnoAmbiental
  • Jem Porcaro, Senior Director for Energy Access, United Nations Foundation
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