Join Xcel Energy’s Energy & Environmental Policy team to learn more about the drivers and impacts of Xcel Energy’s ambitious new carbon goals.

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About the Webinar

This webinar provided insight into Xcel Energy’s vision, how it compared its goals to the latest climate science, and the role of current technologies and R&D. Xcel Energy discussed how utility leadership and system-level transition can help companies and communities set and achieve their own goals.

Learn more about Xcel Energy's carbon vision and read the report, Building a Carbon-Free Future.


  • Karl Hausker, Senior Fellow, Climate Program, World Resources Institute
  • Jeff Lyng, Director of Energy & Environmental Policy, Xcel Energy
  • Nick Martin, Environmental Policy Manager, Xcel Energy
  • Lauren Wilson, Environmental Policy Manager, Xcel Energy
  • Julia Eagles, Public Policy & Strategy Manager, Xcel Energy

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