WRI’s forthcoming tool, Energy Access Explorer, will be presented as a main innovative tool that can facilitate informed decision-making for both policymakers and development partners, including multi-lateral development banks, to determine where to invest resources in the implementation of AREI.

Africa’s energy landscape presents both challenges and opportunities for low-carbon development. Multiple programs are aimed at addressing the challenges that exist, but the most notable is the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI). AREI recognizes that energy is a fundamental requirement to drive the productive sectors in both local and national contexts – which means addressing the needs of enterprises of all scales, both in terms of quantity and quality of access. Localizing AREI to ensure that it delivers effective development benefits will thus require high levels of planning. Additionally, effective financing, as well as informed decisions about where to allocate such investments will need to be explored if last-mile populations are to be reached. Energy Access Explorer (EAE), a forthcoming online geospatial platform developed by WRI, would effectively help with that kind of planning.

WRI Africa, working closely with other energy access organizations, will host a panel, Innovative Approaches for Accelerating Implementation of AREI for Economic Prosperity and Regional Integration in Africa at the African Development Bank’s Civil Society Organizations Policy Forum. The session will focus on discussing innovative strategies for facilitating effective implementation of the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative. The session will also examine the funding landscape for speedy delivery of energy access interventions in Africa, as well as policy measures that need to be put in place to facilitate both private and public investments in the decentralized renewable energy sector.


  • Benson IreriAfrica Lead, Energy Access, WRI
  • Daniel ScrotchDirector, Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency, African Development Bank
  • Thuli Makama, Senior Advisor, Oil Change International
  • Jacqueline KimeuCoordinator, ACCESS Network
  • Augustine B. NjamnshiCoordinator, Africa Coalition for Sustainable Energy & Access
  • Mohammed Adow, Global Advisor on Climate Change, Christian Aid