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Webinar: Supporting Fund Managers to Invest in Kenyan Clean Energy Enterprises

This webinar will connect fund managers who invest in Kenyan-owned Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with mission-driven international limited partners, foundations and corporate social responsibility fund managers who promote universal and affordable energy access, in line with SDG7.

Kenya has been a hotspot for impact investing, with investor interest growing in the PAYG (pay-as-you-go) sector’s potential. Recent WRI research counted 52 private sector organizations — including foundations, impact funds, venture capital funds and companies — that have invested in PAYG companies in East Africa.

However, these investments have contributed to less than a dozen PAYG solar home system (SHS) and mini-grid companies, leading some investors to worry about overenthusiasm in the sector.

A few fund managers are trying to broaden the marketplace by investing in Kenyan-owned enterprises. Kenya boasts a vibrant entrepreneurial culture and is also home to the first Climate Innovation Center (CIC), set up under the World Bank’s Infodev program.

This webinar will showcase the activities of these investment managers expanding their body of funds to an international audience.

Who should attend?

Mission-driven impact limited partners, fund-of-fund managers, foundations and corporate social responsibility funds who are looking for credible investment partners to help them achieve their financial and impact goals.


  • Sanjoy Sanyal, World Resources Institute
  • Edward Mungai, Kenya Climate Innovation Center
  • Irene Karuga, Zohari Leasing
  • Eugene Obiero, Camco Energy
  • Willy Mastamet, Business Partners International
  • Paul Ohaga, Kenya Climate Ventures


Network Partners: Shine Campaign & the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship Supporting Partners: DOEN Foundation & Wallace Global Fund

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Energy Access

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