WRI partnered with Resources for the Future to co-host a follow-up workshop aimed at deepening stakeholder understanding of how non-utility generation is and will be financed, and exploring the implications for wholesale market design and operations.

Rapid expansion of zero- and low-carbon generating capacity requires effective policy frameworks for both vertically integrated utilities and organized (restructured) electricity markets. In July, WRI convened a workshop to discuss potential frameworks for market design reform and identify areas of stakeholder interest. Resources for the Future and the National Renewable Energy Lab convened an earlier workshop in September 2017 that considered a range of options for organizing electricity transactions in the face of rapid technological change and related areas for new research.

The event included presentations and discussions to illuminate the variety of financial instruments that developers use to de-risk their projects and secure financing (a world that is often less than transparent to policymakers). The discussion also explored how market designs can and should reflect the changing nature of market risks and the instruments available for managing those risks.

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For slide decks used by select speakers in the workshop, please see the links below: