A seminar led by Roberto Claudio, Mayor of Fortaleza, Brazil, on his experiences as the leader of Fortaleza city since 2013. This seminar is an opportunity to unveil the shift in the urban mobility model adopted by the city. Fortaleza’s urban mobility modes focuses on the public transport and other sustainable transport modes, and encompasses a panorama of traditional urban mobility schemes based on the model of offer and demand for a new referential model. The Mayor highlights the strategies adopted in Fortaleza, and what benefits they render. Some of the actions in Fortaleza include enhancement in cycling infrastructure, investments in clean and renewable energy, car and bike share systems, with a special focus on road safety measures.

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Speaker: Roberto Claudio, Mayor of Fortaleza, Brazil

Roberto Claudio has always been focused on planning issues and promoting public health policies. In 2012, he was elected mayor of Fortaleza for the 2013-2016 term. One of his first resolutions was to refurbish all of Fortaleza’s 92 basic health units and to order the construction of new ones. In 2016, he was re-elected, and urban mobility and sustainability became flagships of his administrations. Since then, the city has doubled its green coverage and has received many recognitions, both nationally and from abroad. He was elected State Representative in 2006, at the age of 31. In this new role, he implemented a program committed to modernization. As a result, the building of Ceará’s House of Representatives became the first carbon free public building in Brazil. Roberto Claudio is a physician, who graduated from the Federal University of Ceará. He also holds a master's and PhD degrees in Public Health from the University of Arizona (USA).