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Deep Dive on Science-Based Target Setting

Setting greenhouse gas emission reduction targets in line with climate science is a great way to future-proof growth. Join some of the world’s biggest companies by aligning your company’s efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions with climate science.

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Experts from the Science-based Targets initiative will provide briefings to sustainability practitioners in companies and consultancy firms on key issues related to setting science-based greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. The event will offer training for sustainability practitioners from consultancies and companies in order to better equip them to use the tools and methodologies of the Science Based Targets initiative.

Topics areas include:

  • Defining what constitutes a science-based target
  • Describing the criteria and processes used by the SBTi team to independently validate company targets
  • Training participants in the use of key target-setting methods and approaches
  • Providing guidelines for scope 3 target setting and identifying common challenges in this area.

Companies that have already successfully set independently validated targets will share their experience and offer insights on how they overcame some of the common challenges that companies face.

Through this training and case studies, the aim of this workshop is that more companies would successfully set science-based emission reduction targets if they are better equipped or receive better support.

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