World Resources Institute will be participating in the Climate Action 2016 Forum, hosted by the University of Maryland.

The Forum is a public event that will engage a diverse range of stakeholders with an interest in shaping the climate implementation agenda. The forum will provide an opportunity for the academic community, civil society, business and students to partake in discussions regarding the research and analytical approaches needed for effective climate action.

The Forum will help shape the Post-Paris climate implementation agenda, and its outcomes will in turn feed into the Climate Action 2016 summit (May 5-6) and its outcomes.

Forum thematic areas include:

  • City and Subnational Implementation
  • Resilience/Adaptation
  • Energy
  • Sustainable Land Use
  • Climate & Society
  • Analysis and Tools to Support Decision-Making

See for more information and to register for the public Climate Action 2016 Forum.

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