The Climate Action 2016 summit, takes place eight months after the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals by all the governments of the world, and five months after the UNFCCC conference of parties in Paris sets a new international framework for climate action.

In this context, the summit will deepen and expand the action coalitions of government, business, finance, philanthropy, civil society and academic leaders launched at the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Summit 2014 in New York, and seek to make this broad-scale organization of climate action both more effective and sustainable.

Over the course of two days, the summit will drive high-level engagement with global luminaries addressing plenary sessions on how to deliver on climate commitments and embed the transformation agenda across the globe in government, key sectors and among the general population. At the same time, the summit will focus on convening working groups for sessions on near-term implementation actions and long-term implementation needs. These will focus on

  • City and Sub-national implementation;

  • Transport;

  • Land-use; Energy;

  • Resilience/Adaptation; and

  • Analysis and Tools to Support Decision Making.

Along with European Investment Bank, Sustainable Energy for All and United Nations Foundation, World Resources Institute is partnering with the co-sponsors to provide information, connections and tools participants need to lead effective implementation in a new climate regime.

Attendance at the Climate Action 2016 multi-stakeholder summit is by invitation only. Find out more.

The public Climate Action 2016 forum, hosted by the University of Maryland on Wednesday, was held on May 4. Click here for information.

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