By now, most companies and organizations know that it’s important to have a sustainable supply chain. But even those who’ve committed to improving sustainability can have a difficult time verifying that all of their commodities are actually sourced responsibly.

A new program led by the World Resources Institute is working to change that by tracking supply chains from space.

Combining satellite imagery with predictive algorithms created by Orbital Insight’s advanced machine learning technology, the program helps companies find out whether their suppliers are really using sustainable practices. By using the satellite image record to track the trucks that supply palm oil mills, for example, Orbital can verify whether the trucks really came from sustainable sources – or from known violators. This creates the level of transparency needed to enable better decisions about supply chain sustainability – in turn helping companies become more socially responsible.


  • Aaron Steele, Chief Technology Officer, World Resources Institute
  • Jeff Stein, Vice President of Business Development, Orbital Insight

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