WWF, World Resources Institute and CDP invite you to a one day workshop in London to learn about and provide input on a new method to develop science-based corporate GHG reduction targets.

This workshop is part of a larger public consultation process we are opening for companies to share useful insights for the improvement of this method.

Workshop objectives include:

  • Create an understanding of approaches to science-based corporate target setting and the need for increased ambition in achieving GHG emission reductions
  • Get input on a new sector-specific methodology to science-based target setting
  • Get input on proposed guidance for companies on how to implement science-based target setting

Registration deadline May 10 – Due to limited space, registration will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.”

Please follow this link for the agenda and to register for the London workshop. See our list of hotels in London.

There will also be a shorter webinar discussion aiming to accommodate potential participants in Asia and Pacific time zones.

About the initiative

In a joint effort, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), World Resources Institute and CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) launched the project “Mind the Science, Mind the Gap.” This project seeks to develop guidance for companies to set science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with a 2° C decarbonisation pathway, as recommended by the IPCC. As part of this project, we are developing a methodology to help companies set these targets along with implementation guidance.

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