On February 25, WRI President and CEO Dr. Andrew Steer offered his perspectives on the major global developments in economics, business, natural resources and sustainability in the coming year.

  • What are the big events?
  • Who are the influential people?
  • What policy decisions will take place?
  • How will these determine the future for people and the planet?


We’re excited to announce that Former President of Mexico and WRI Director Felipe Calderón will be joining us to offer his insights on the opportunities and challenges for people and the planet in 2014 and share his experience championing sustainability initiatives during his time in office.


Please join us for a very special evening.

RSVP to Mr. Brian Leone Tracy: btracy@wri.org.

Hosted by:

  • Alison Sander, The Boston Consulting Group
  • Jeff Miller, The Tremont Group, LLC
  • Sue Tierney, Analysis Group, Inc.