Creating Conditions for a Flourishing Future

Sustainable Brands 2013 – Discover what happens when brand strategists & designers connect with sustainability teams to drive purpose driven innovation. An explosion of creativity and imagination is sweeping across the global brand community much like that of the 16th century Renaissance. Courageous brand leaders and entrepreneurs are finding ways to reinvent business and economies by looking to healthy natural systems for inspiration. Join the assembly of global thought leaders and practitioners who are demonstrating the many ways that brands can benefit by leading the way to a flourishing future.

Participate in the birth of a Sustainable Brand Renaissance by joining over 1,500 attendees in over 80 sessions, workshops, plenaries, evening events, and co-create sessions. Collaborate with market-making companies such as Unilever, Coca-Cola, UPS, Ford, Molson Coors plus others as peers and colleagues gather for the largest annual Sustainable Brands community event this coming June in San Diego, CA. Take part in innovation studios and experiential brand-activation activities, an expanded solutions expo, research roundtables, and more.


Business Tools for Transformation: A Sustainability SWOT and Creating a Step-Change toward Sustainability

Thursday, June 6, 2013
Sunset Ballroom 1-3


  • Eliot Metzger, Senior Associate, WRI


  • Sally Uren, Deputy Chief Executive, Forum for the Future

  • Katie Dillon, Sustainability Manager, Target

Description: How does WRI's sSWOT tool help drive action and collaboration that gets companies to go beyond incremental innovation? What types of partnerships does a company need to help fully utilize the strengths of sSWOT? How is sSWOT related to systems innovation and Forum for the Future's step change exercise?

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