A global shift to a low-carbon economy requires countries to rapidly scale up their investments in renewable energy. China is already the leading global investor in renewable energy infrastructure and Chinese companies are increasing their overseas investments in renewable energy.

China's massive domestic and overseas investments in solar and wind industries can potentially benefit other countries in need of such investments. Chinese energy investment in the United States notably has accelerated over the past five years, with Chinese companies investing heavily in traditional energy as well as in alternative energy.

With similarly voracious appetites for energy, the United States and China could strengthen economic and energy security by jointly developing renewable technology, as well as exploring other promising clean energy technologies.

At this June 10th China Environment Forum meeting speakers will explore drivers of China’s renewable investments and the policy, market and financial opportunities and challenges to greater renewable investment in the United States.


  • Yingzhen Zhao, World Resources Institute

  • Todd Foley, American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE)

  • Hu Tao, World Resources Institute

Ms. Yingzhen Zhao, from the World Resources Institute (WRI), will present WRI’s recent research on the trends and drivers of China’s overseas investment in the solar and wind industries and discuss effective policies, market conditions, and financing enablers to encourage solar and wind investments. With an eye on China’s potential role, Mr. Todd Foley, who directs ACORE’s US Partnership for Renewable Energy Finance, will discuss some of the challenges and opportunities for increasing capital formation and investment in renewable energy in the United States. Dr. Hu Tao, WRI senior associate and former senior economist from the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, will speak more broadly on China’s policies to promote renewable and other forms of environmentally friendly goods and services.