Norte, the Bangui windfarm is the first of its kind in the Philippines and considered as the biggest in Southeast Asia. Photo credit: Flickr/Jhay Baniaga

WWF International and the World Resources Institute will be jointly hosting a workshop in Manila on June 24th on Meeting Renewable Energy Targets: Global lessons from the road to implementation.

The Workshop will be led by a keynote address from Seethapathy Chander, Deputy Director General of the ADB and Vince Perez, Chairman of Board of Trustees, WWF Philippines.

The event will serve as a knowledge sharing platform for learning and exchange of experiences on key challenges and best practices in Renewable Energy target setting and achievements, and there will be opportunities for participant interaction.

Participants will include international agencies, high-level government officials, civil society representatives, and regulators from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, China, India, Nepal, and Tajikistan, among others.

Workshop findings will lead to the development of recommendations for a way forward on successful RE target setting.

This event is RSVP only. Please RSVP to Sorina Seeley, before June 14th.