How to use Aqueduct to respond to the 2013 CDP Water Questionnaire.

New reports and articles are increasingly pointing to water risk as one of the biggest challenges facing the global economy. Successful businesses will be those that can capitalize on changing global water availability, measure and manage their water use, and manage the risks that water shortage can pose to their supply chain. Additionally, investors are increasingly requesting companies to disclose business critical water-related information to inform their decision making processes and drive strategic investment.

WRI Aqueduct AtlasIn response to this, the World Resources Institute (WRI) recently launched the new Aqueduct global water risk mapping tool, including 12 new indicators of water-related risk. By using Aqueduct companies and investors can better assess and disclose where and how water can create risks. The pre-eminent platform for corporate water disclosure is CDP’s water program, and the deadline for corporations to submit their water response for the 2013 questionnaire is rapidly approaching on June 27th.

This webinar – co-hosted by WRI and CDP – will take a close look at how companies can use Aqueduct and respond to the 2013 CDP Water Questionnaire. The webinar will explain step by step the Aqueduct tool functionalities and data input requirements, as well as an overview of how to interpret the results and respond to the CDP Water Disclosure 2013 Information Request.