Forests play a crucial role in the world's environment, health and economy - yet they are under threat.

Join WRI and others at the World Forests Summit, organized by The Economist. The World Forests Summit will assemble a leading group of experts from around the world to identify common ground and discuss mechanisms for forest stakeholders to work together differently.

The summit will openly explore the tensions and compromises that are involved in creating a thriving global green economy, delivering fresh insight into solving critical challenges at both global and national levels.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Forests and our future – what is the outlook for 2030?

  • Can we put the value of forests onto the balance sheet, and if so, will it help to balance conservation with growth?

  • How are forest products industries adapting their business models?

  • What is the role of forests in mitigating climate change?

The World Forests Summit is where CEOs, government ministers, scientists and activists will meet to agree the framework for future sustainable management of a precious global resource.

The gala dinner keynote will be from Carlos Klink, Secretary for Climate Change and Environmental Quality, Ministry of Environment of Brazil.

Other notable speakers include:

  • James Astill, Political Editor, The Economist (author of the special report on Forests)

  • Eduardo Rojas-Briales, Assistant Director General, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

  • Per Fredrik Ilsaas Pharo, Director, International Climate and Forest Initiative, Ministry of the Environment, Norway

  • Karl Falkenberg, Director General, DG Environment, European Commission

  • Peter Holmgren, Director General, Center for International Forestry Research

  • Jan Johansson, Chief Executive Officer and President, Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget

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