WRI now has the updated results from a recent "road test" of its new Sustainability SWOT (sSWOT) tool with businesses like yours. The 2 Degrees Network is hosting a webinar that will share:

  • A sneak peek at the final sSWOT guide that WRI will be releasing later this year
  • Stories of how companies applied the sSWOT with internal and external partners
  • A discussion of how the sSWOT can help you and other sustainability champions translate environmental challenges into corporate strategies

Companies across multiple sectors applied it to ongoing strategy initiatives, using the sSWOT to engage colleagues and decision makers. It has helped sustainability champions show others that environmental challenges are creating real business risks and opportunities. Most importantly, it has helped drive action and identify innovative new partnership options for tackling global problems that are bigger than any one company.

Read more about the road test here.

Featuring: Eliot Metzger, WRI and Kimberly Bowden, Delphi

A sneak peek into WRI's Sustainability SWOT Tool (video)

Download presentation slides