Access to environmental and societal data and information by all those who need, it is a founding element for sustainable development. The Eye on Earth initiative provides a solution to existing barriers of implementation of sustainable development commitments through access to environmental and societal data and information for decision-making.

This side event will focus on increasing awareness, developing capacity, using data and information to understand and address implementation gaps, assist governments in meeting the Bali Guidelines on Access to Information, Public Participate and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters, and introduce web-based mechanisms for monitoring and tracking implementation.


  • Catherine Armour, Eye on Earth Programme Director

  • H.E. Jose Manuel Balmaceda, Embassy of Chile

  • Alexander Juras, Chief of UNEP's Major Group and Stakeholder Branch

  • Jeremy Wates, European Environment Bureau

  • Achim Halpaap, United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)

  • Andrea Sanhueza, Corporación PARTICIPA

  • Sara Swenson, Tunza Youth

  • Lalanath de Silva, World Resources Institute