“Biodiversity in the Context of Sustainability” is planned as an all-day seminar lasting from 9AM to 6PM on June 18, 2012 as part of Humanidade 2012. The seminar’s objective is to present the main aspects of and challenges faced by current efforts to conserve biodiversity in Brazil and across the world. Speakers and participants will share best-practices, concepts, and innovative initiatives to protect and utilize biodiversity.

As a centerpiece of Humanidade 2012’s day-long seminar on “Biodiversity in the Context of Sustainability”, this panel will address the challenges of conserving the biodiversity of the Amazon. Featured in this high-profile event will be:

  • Marina Silva, Former Environment Minister, Brazil

  • Roberto Mangabeira Unger, Ex-Minister of Strategic Affairs, Brazil and Professor, Harvard Law School

  • Maria Cecília Wey de Brito, Chief Executive Officer, WWF Brasil

  • Paulo Dallari Soares, Director, Department of Environment, FIESP

  • Craig Hanson, Director, People & Ecosystems Program, World Resources Institute


From June 11th to the 22nd, the Copacabana Fort will host Humanidade 2012, a discussion forum centered on the most pressing themes in sustainability in order to contribute to the global debate about how best to move forward. This innovative forum invites all members of the public to reflect on and deepen their understanding of new models of sustainable development that consider the impacts of the past, present, and future to ensure better living conditions that also enable economic growth , social inclusion and respect for the environment.

In addition to acting as a public forum offering seminars and workshops, Humanidade 2012 will feature a large interactive and participatory exhibition open to the public to show how these new concepts of development have materialized themselves in Brazil. The recently-built complex within the Copacabana Fort, long deemed an architectural highlight of the city of Rio de Janeiro, was set up by the head organizers of the United Nations conference and will serve as a general meeting and gathering venue during Rio +20.

Organizing Partners

  • FIESP – Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo

  • FIRJAN - Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro

  • Fundação Roberto Marinho

  • SESI - Industry Social Services – Rio de Janeiro

  • SESI – Industry Social Services - São Paulo

  • SENAI-RJ - the National Industrial Training Service of the State of Rio de Janeiro

  • SENAI-SP - the National Industrial Training Service of the State of São Paulo

  • Mayor’s Office of Rio de Janeiro

  • SEBRAE – The Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises