Working closely with partners in Brazil and elsewhere, IIED will host an information-sharing event on June 16 and 17 - Fair Ideas: Sharing Solutions for a Sustainable Planet. This conference will open up a space for researchers and practitioners working for a greener, fairer world to add important knowledge, experience and momentum to the official summit.

Poverty-Environment Partnership Side Event

Can moving to a green economy really help reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development? Although the transition can benefit low-income countries and people living in poverty, this is by no means guaranteed. Removing barriers and enabling poor and marginalized groups to truly contribute to, and equitably benefit from, a green economy will require strategic choices about institutions, policies and investments. This session will facilitate dialogue on some of the key issues to explore the building blocks of an inclusive and equitable green economy, and an action agenda on the role of development cooperation in supporting low-income countries to make the transition.

For information on the conference, please visit Fair ideas: Sharing solutions for a sustainable planet