Today's global community faces significant challenges: climate change, food insecurity, market instability, access to energy, these are just some of the issues we are trying to address at the U.S. State Department. The importance of these issues cannot be underestimated and government cannot solve these issues on its own. A new model of engagement that harnesses the power of collective action, innovation, and technology has emerged to solve targeted, shared challenges. Through public-private partnership, government, the private sector and civil society are developing innovative, enduring solutions to global challenges that create value for all partners.

Join Special Representative Kris Balderston of the Global Partnership Initiative at the U.S. Department of State and the World Resources Institute’s Kirsty Jenkinson for an interactive discussion about how government and business are working together to promote lasting change and innovation around the globe.

  1. How is business and government working together to promote innovative solutions to global challenges such as climate change or food security?
  2. Business is not typically seen as a traditional partner on key development challenges. Why would business want to invest in projects such as these?
  3. How do these types of investments differ from philanthropy or corporate social responsibility?
  4. President Obama hosted a Forum last June to advance an “Impact Economy”. What is an Impact Economy? And how is the Global Partnership Initiative facilitating investments and partnerships that promote an Impact Economy?

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