Full Title: Financing Climate Change: The Role of National and Regional Development and Private Financing Institutions in the International Climate Finance Architecture

The national and regional development financing institutions (DFIs) of developing countries have a critical role to play in mobilizing investments towards a low‐carbon, climate‐resilient development pathway. The process of designing the proposed Green Climate Fund as defined by the UNFCCC provides a unique opportunity to bring together the DFIs as well as private finance institutions to better understand the complementary and interdependent role that they could play in creating sustainable climate finance architecture.

WRI and the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), in partnership with the French Development Agency (AFD), will host a three-day workshop at the DBSA headquarters near Johannesburg, South Africa. This workshop will gather for the first time representatives from the wide range of existing financial institutions with an interest in intermediating international climate finance (national, regional, and international, public and private, from developed and developing countries) to share experiences and potentially develop a common vision for their role in global climate finance.

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