On November 22-23, WRI and the Heinrich Boell Foundation North America hosted an international workshop on renewable energy policies for renewable energy experts from developing countries here in Washington, DC.

The workshop brought together policy experts (such as policy makers, representatives from government agencies, renewable energy agencies, utilities, think tanks, NGOs etc), investors and project developers with an interest in renewable energy.

During the two-day workshop participants shared their experiences on renewable energy policies in their respective countries. The workshop provided a deeper understanding of renewable energy policy design and implementation. Discussions focused on the role of international financial institutions and the role financial mechanisms, such as feed-in-tariffs, can play to mobilize investments and support the extension of renewable energies in developing countries.


Day 1

  • Daniel M. Kammen, Keynote: Scaling Up Renewable Energy: The Role of the World Bank
  • Fabby Tumiwa, Scaling Up Renewable Energy Investment: The Role of the World Bank
  • James Bradbury, Jenna Goodward, Lutz Weischer, Davida Wood, Workshop Overview
  • Christina Hanley, Global Energy Transfer Feed-in Tariffs: The GET FiT Program
  • Asoka Abeygunawardana, FiT in Sri Lanka
  • Pete H. Maniego, Jr., Country Case Study: Philippines
  • Christina Hanley, Feed-in Tariff Readiness Panel
  • Mark Hankins, FiT Readiness in East Africa
  • Anastas Mbwala and Chris Greacen, Country Case Studies: Thailand & Tanzania
  • Hilton Trollip, Scaling Up Renewable Energy: The Role of the Multilateral Development Banks

Day 2

  • Osvaldo Soliano Pereira, Ph.D., Country Case Study: Brazil
  • Odon de Buen R., Is FiT Right? The Right Policy Mix to Encourage Renewable Energy in Developing Countries
  • Dr. Rebecca Ghanadan, Is FiT Right for Developing Countries?
  • Ranjit Deshmukh, Renewable Energy and Governance: Cases from India
  • Fabby Tumiwa, Institutional Readiness and Governance for Renewable Energy Deployment
  • Suman Kumar, Country Case Study: India
  • Neerja Upadhyaya, Whether We Are Fit for "Get FiT?"
  • Russell Sturm, Driving Commercial Investment in Grid-Connected Renewable Energy: The View from IFC
  • Sarah Davidson, Project 2011 and the International Green Bank
  • Mustapha Taoumi, Renewable Energy in MENA Region: Assets and Challenges
  • Osvaldo Soliano Pereira, Ph.D., The Potential of South-South Cooperation
  • Chris Greacen, South-South SPP Policy Transfer: Thailand & Tanzania
  • World Resources Institute, The Potential of International Cooperation