This event has been postponed from February 10 to March 10, due to weather.

In the space of a few centuries, humankind has removed more than half of Earth's original forest cover. Every year, a further area the size of Greece is lost. However, a recent study estimates that there are a billion hectares of forests around the world with potential for forest landscape restoration. That's about six per cent of the planet's total land area. Restoring forests to some of these lands could be achieved without prejudicing other vital land uses, such as food production.

Degraded forests have become landscapes of opportunity, and the scale of this opportunity is immense. Preliminary analysis indicates that by 2030 the restoration of degraded forest lands could make the same contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases as that which could be expected from avoided deforestation and perhaps as much as twice that amount.

The Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration brings together a range of organizations from the public, private and voluntary sectors around the world to work together to encourage and facilitate the restoration of forest landscapes.

Speakers from this partnership will present views on "Making Forest Landscape Restoration a Force for Change."

  • Lars Laestadius, Senior Associate with the People & Ecosystems Program, World Resources Institute
  • Jerilyn Levi, Assistant Director of International Programs for Policy, US Forest Service
  • Carole Saint Laurent, Senior Forest Policy Advisor, IUCN

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