On 23-25 February 2010, the World Resources Institute International Financial Flows and Environment project hosted a civil society climate finance strategy session at the Airlie Conference Center in Warrenton, Virginia. The objective of the meeting was to generate a shared understanding of the “climate finance” landscape. Participants came from both developed and developing countries, and from a range of backgrounds in climate change, finance, and global governance.

The discussion focused on three critical aspects of the climate finance challenge:

  1. where to find the funds necessary to respond on a global scale,
  2. how to build the institutions that would manage and disburse these funds, and
  3. how to spend the funds in an effective way.

WRI produced a conference report that provides an overview of the civil society strategy meeting. The report does not capture the entirety of the discussion, nor does it represent a consensus of the participants. Rather, it is intended to introduce a range of views on the critical issues that surround the climate finance debate:

  • What is climate finance?
  • What are the challenges of financing a global response to climate change?
  • Find It: Mobilizing innovative sources to scale up climate finance
  • Build It: Creating legitimate institutions for climate finance
  • Spend It: Using scarce resources effectively
  • Civil society strategies for moving forward

Full Report

Other Materials

PowerPoint Presentations

Several participants presented on various topics throughout the retreat. Please find their presentations below:

  • Climate Finance: Issues and Opportunities (Jon Sohn, McKenna, Long & Aldridge, LLP)

  • International Climate Finance: Scale and Possible Sources (Jorg Haas, Project Catalyst)

  • The Financial Crisis (Michael Clark)

  • Financial Transaction Taxes (Sarah Anderson, Institute for Policy Studies)

  • Fossil Fuel Subsidies (Steve Kretzman, OilChange International)

  • The European Investment Bank and Climate Finance (Petr Hlobil, CEE Bankwatch)

  • The Asian Development Bank in Climate and Development (Red Constantino, NGO Forum on the ADB)

  • The Road Forward from Copenhagen (Alden Meyer, Union for Concerned Scientists)