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WRI’s internal collection of books and journals cover a variety of subjects related to sustainable development and the environment:

  • agriculture and food
  • biodiversity and protected areas
  • business and environment
  • climate and atmosphere
  • coastal and marine ecosystems
  • economics, business and the environment
  • energy and resources
  • environmental law (limited collection)
  • governance and institutions
  • forests and grasslands
  • water resources and freshwater ecosystems

With appointments, we welcome visitors to our library. If you plan to visit, please search our catalog before coming and notify us of items you would like to view. Some of our materials are located off-site and it may take a day or two to retrieve them. To arrange for an appointment please email to set up a time. We would prefer, at least, a day’s notice. If you do not prearrange a visit there is a possibility that access will not be granted.

Contacting a WRI Librarian

  • Mary Maguire, Director of Library Services
  • Julia Hussey, Librarian

Publications - Please note: The WRI Library does not fulfill orders for WRI publications or for requests for permissions to reproduce WRI work. Please visit the publications section to order publications or products or to inquire about an existing order. To submit a request to use copyrighted WRI materials, please review WRI’s permissions policy.

Interlibrary Loan Policy

The WRI Library houses approximately 10,000 books and over 200 journal titles which can be searched in our catalog.

The library accepts interlibrary loan requests from other libraries in the United States. We do not loan to individuals. In special cases, we loan to libraries in other countries. There is no charge for the loan of books; photocopies up to 25 pages are free. Libraries in the Washington, DC area may arrange for courier pickup of library materials.


The WRI Library limits loans of books to seven per library. Please email or mail an ALA form with a complete citation (title, author, year) to WRI Library, Subject: Interlibrary Loans.

Journals and Journal Articles

Only complete citations on ALA forms will be accepted, maximum of three requests per week. Photocopies up to 25 pages are free; $.10 is charged per page after the first 25 pages. You may email the requests to WRI Library at library@wri.orgSubject: Document Delivery.

Where to send Interlibrary Loan Requests

Phone requests will be accepted with ALA Form via email or snail mail follow up. Please email or mail an ALA form with a complete citation (title, author, year) to WRI Library, Subject: Interlibrary Loans. You may also mail them to:

World Resource Institute
Attn: Interlibrary Loans
10 G Street NE Suite 800
Washington, DC 20002

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