UN Climate Summit 2014: LIVE BLOG

We are liveblogging during today's summit with major announcements and expert commentary.

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Scaling Up Low-Carbon Technology Deployment

Lessons from China

This report examines how low-carbon technologies have been introduced, adapted, deployed, and diffused in three greenhouse gas-intensive sectors in China: supercritical/ultrasupercritical (SC/USC) coal-fired power generation technology; onshore wind energy technology; and blast furnace top gas...

Courage to Lead Dinner Honors Environmental Innovators

WRI Annual Dinner gathers leaders tackling today's toughest environmental challenges, and raises more than $1 million to support WRI's work.


Small Companies, Big Impacts

The New Ventures directors answer questions about what small, sustainable companies can do to boost local economies and protect the environment.


SMEs Redefining Innovation: Insights on the New Ventures India Investor Forum

At first glance, the lineup of products and services on display at this year's New Ventures India Investor Forum seemed to reflect traditional Indian knowledges and practices. Banana-leaf materials, light posts, and packaged Indian foods were some of the offerings on display by entrepreneur finalists.



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