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  • Growing Optimism for “Impact Investing”

    Is it possible to do good in the world while also making a profit? A growing group of investors, known as “impact investors”, believe that it is.


  • Q&A: Clean Energy for India’s ‘Base of the Pyramid’

    WRI’s new report, in collaboration with CDF-IFMR, looks at the market potential for clean and renewable energy in rural India.


  • Adding Environmental Risk to the Financial Equation

    Despite projections, many financial analysts ignore the risks and opportunities associated with environmental trends. ENVEST seeks to change this.


  • Cap-and-Trade Comes Of Age in Europe

    How industry has learned to live with (and perhaps even love) cap-and-trade in Europe.


  • Fact Sheet: How Nutrient Trading Can Help Restore the Chesapeake Bay

    A new Fact Sheet on nutrient trading in the Chesapeake Bay region covers issues such as potential costs and revenues, and how farmers and other stakeholders can benefit.


  • The Truth About Cap-and-Trade in Europe

    Has cap-and-trade in Europe worked? WRI’s Senior Fellow Jill Duggan, who helped implement the EU trading scheme, sorts the myths from reality.


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