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Finance for adaptation and resilience remains modest relative to estimated needs, and adaptation remains largely dependent on grant funding from public sources. Yet, public finance for resilience can be invested more effectively.

Strengthen key policies and governance elements in strategically-important institutions in order to promote financing for sustainable activities and discourage financing for unsustainable ones.

Promote NDC financing by identifying key capacity bottlenecks developing products designed at loosening those constraints.

The Business of Planting Trees: A Growing Investment Opportunity

In recent years, hundreds of companies have entered the restoration industry. They represent a wide range of business models that deliver financial returns for investors while restoring forests and agricultural lands. This report profiles 14 businesses that are part of an emerging restoration...

Roots of Prosperity: The Economics and Finance of Restoring Land

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the benefits and costs of restoring forests and landscapes in countries around the world, demonstrating how smart policies and innovative financing can help governments meet their restoration targets. The authors find that finance, both public and...


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