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"Green Stimulus" at the G20

Global economic recovery plans are green---but not yet green enough.


This chart assesses potential green-program impacts per $1 billion of U.S. government economic-recovery spending.

Will Climate Policy Take A Back Seat During the Economic Slowdown?

The financial crisis is currently at the front and center of the national debate, but if we limit our focus to near-term fixes on the economy, we will just defer requisite action on climate.


A New Climate for the Forest Products Industry


p>The forest products sector holds an enormous stake in the coming economy defined by resource constraints, climate change policies, and shifting consumer values.


Can Capturing Carbon Become a Reality?


p>Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is both hailed as a "silver bullet" for the coal industry, and reviled as a pipe dream. The reality is that the U.S. needs CCS, and a comprehensive policy framework for rapid development and deployment.


Leveling the Carbon Playing Field

How can the U.S. maintain a competitive international playing field for carbon-intensive industries under U.S. global warming regulation?



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