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CAIT - Country Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data

The CAIT Country GHG emissions collection applies a consistent methodology to create a six-gas, multi-sector, and internationally comparable data set for 186 countries. CAIT enables data analysis by allowing users to quickly narrow down by year, gas, country/state, and sector.

Even as climate negotiators in Poland laughed at the U.S. administration's promotion of fossil fuels, activists rallied for a Green New Deal in Washington. What they want is congressional support for climate action that would be embedded in the broader U.S. agenda of economic reform, public investment, job creation and social justice.

Countries, stakeholders and expert institutions have been making submissions to the UNFCCC’s Talanoa Dialogue in preparation for December’s COP24 climate conference. Parties’ collective efforts in progress towards meeting the long-term temperature goal of the Paris Agreement will be reviewed at the Conference, to inform further target-setting. To feed into the Dialogue, the Grantham Research Institute and the World Resources Institute have been taking stock of the quantified targets set by different Parties to the...


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