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Climate, Energy & Transport

Today, thousands of US cities, states, tribal nations, businesses, schools and faith, health and cultural institutions have come together to form America Is All In. This new coalition joins two initiatives, America’s Pledge and We Are Still In, to advocate and empower a whole-of-society mobilization to develop a roadmap to cut emissions in half by 2030, reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, scale climate action across the country, and promote leadership of non-federal actors on the world stage. 

Today, Lever for Change announced that Turning Point, a project in which WRI is a collaborator, and four other finalist teams will advance to the next stage of the 2030 Climate Challenge, a $10 million award launched last year to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. by 2030. The Challenge, sponsored by an anonymous donor, will fund proven, data-driven solutions tackling greenhouse gas emissions in the buildings, industry, and/or transportation sectors in communities across the country.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will take office tomorrow. They will take on their roles, as the country continues to reel from the global health pandemic, with over 400,000 lives lost in the United States alone. They will also face the ongoing challenges of overcoming racial injustice and the global climate crisis. Following is a statement by Andrew Steer, President & CEO, World Resources Institute.

One of the first actions that President Biden has taken is initiating the United States’ re-entry to the Paris Agreement on climate change. The formal process to re-join the agreement takes 30 days. Under the Paris Agreement, countries are expected to submit a new or updated national climate target (NDC) ahead of COP26 in Glasgow, UK in November 2021. So far, 71 countries, representing 28% of global greenhouse gas emissions, have submitted a new or updated NDC. Following is a statement from Helen Mountford, Vice President, Climate and Economics, World Resources Institute.

Join WRI’s pre-inaugural press call on Friday, January 15 at 12:45pm EST to hear from leading experts on U.S. and international climate policy on a new era of climate action under President Biden and a Democratic-led U.S. Senate. We will provide ample time for questions on a wide range of topics, including executive action, federal legislation, COVID-19 recovery, the Paris Agreement, sustainable transport, clean electricity standards and more.

The Climate Ambition Summit held today offered an opportunity for the world to reflect on the state of climate action five years since the Paris Agreement was adopted and showcase how that governments, businesses, investors and others are stepping up climate action in the lead up to the COP26 summit in Glasgow next year. Announcements included new national climate commitments from China, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Colombia, Argentina and many smaller countries, as well as new pledges from businesses, cities and others to pursue a net-zero future. Following is a statement from Andrew Steer, President & CEO, World Resources Institute.


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