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Utility Leadership Forums

WRI has facilitated several Utility Leadership Forums, half-day problem-solving workshops with major U.S. utilities and a group of customers in their service territory.

The forums involve substantive discussions on solutions where utilities deliver renewable energy to customers under structures that regulators can approve. Solutions can go beyond utility-designed voluntary renewable energy products and strive for larger GHG reductions and benefits to the grid, including:

  • Increased access to affordable renewable or low-carbon energy;
  • Innovative strategies for managing customer load;
  • Customer provided ancillary or other reliability services.

Past Utility Leadership Forums have resulted in:

  • Customer and utility commitments to collaborate on developing innovative model products that regulators can approve;
  • Pilot utility products and transactions that have grown over time;
  • Examples of regional “best practices” for simplifying access to low-cost, renewable energy options while conveying overall benefits to the grid;
  • Lessons shared in national forums such as Edison Electric Institute (EEI), National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), and National Governors Association (NGA).

To learn more, contact Letha Tawney.

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