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WRI Mexico

After 13 years of local impact, WRI Mexico officially opened 4 programs that work as a door to Spanish speaking countries: Cities, Climate, Forests and Energy.


WRI Indonesia

Indonesia is a rich archipelago with an abundance of natural resources. At the same time, the country is the world’s sixth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, mainly due conversion of its forests and carbon-rich peat lands to agricultural fields.


WRI Brasil

Brazil is emerging as a global market and sustainability leader. It boasts some of the greatest biodiversity on the planet, a wealth of natural resources, and a diverse and robust economy.


Global Forest Watch Fires

Global Forest Watch-Fires (GFW-Fires) is a dynamic online forest monitoring and fire alert system that provides near-real time information that can empower people to better combat forest fires before they burn out of control.

India GHG Program

The India GHG Program is an industry-led voluntary framework to measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions.The Program will strive to build comprehensive measurement and management strategies to reduce emissions and drive more profitable, competitive and sustainable businesses and organizations

WRI India

WRI India’s mission is to go beyond research to put ideas into action, and work with governments, business, and civil society to build transformative solutions that protect the earth and improve people’s lives.


WRI China

WRI China focuses on three priorities based on the assessment of need, opportunity, and capacity: Sustainable Cities, Climate and Energy, and Water.



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