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World Hypoxic and Eutrophic Coastal Areas

This map identifies 415 eutrophic and hypoxic coastal systems worldwide. Of these, 169 are documented hypoxic areas, 233 are areas of concern and 13 are systems in recovery.


Aqueduct Global Maps 3.0 Data

Aqueduct Global Maps 3.0 Data include indicators of water quantity, water variability, water quality, ESG risk, and access to water.

Aqueduct 3.0 Country Rankings

This data ranks countries and their subnational areas – like states and provinces – by several water risk indicators, including baseline water stress and drought risk.

Aqueduct 3.0: Updated Decision-Relevant Global Water Risk Indicators

This technical note serves as the main reference for the updated Aqueduct™ 3.0 water risk framework, in which we combine 13 water risk indicators—including quantity, quality, and reputational risks—into a composite overall water risk score. All Aqueduct 3.0 data can be accessed...


While the average person drinks 2 to 4 liters of water a day, it requires an astonishing 2,000 to 5,000 liters of water to produce the food that the average person eats each day! Here are five ways companies, farmers and consumers can lessen the food system’s impact on water.


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