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Based on a 3-year comparative case study analysis of 13 watershed investment programs, this report provides lessons to guide water utilities and communities as they work together in protecting drinking water supply at the source.

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A climate change strategy for all of North America could transform how we address a defining issue of our time. The move would be unprecedented, but it is more possible than ever. Heads of state from Canada, Mexico and the United States have the opportunity at the North American Leadership Summit in Ottawa to begin the process by setting out strong continent-wide climate actions.

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WASHINGTON (MAY 11, 2016)– New analysis from World Resources Institute shows that Wisconsin is in a strong position to meet or exceed its emissions target under EPA’s Clean Power Plan to reduce emissions from the power sector. WRI finds that Wisconsin can build on existing energy efficiency and renewable energy investments to reduce its emissions and realize more economic benefits for its residents. However, by weakening its existing programs and declining to increase existing targets, the state will hamper progress and ultimately make complying with the Clean Power Plan more costly.

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New WRI analysis shows that Wisconsin can reduce its power sector emissions 21 percent below 2012 levels by 2030 just by following through on existing clean energy policies and making more efficient use of power plants. With a few additional steps, the state can far exceed the emissions reductions required by the Clean Power Plan.


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