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This paper reviews Party submissions to the UNFCCC and identifies emerging areas of consensus and debate that may offer constructive grounds for negotiations going forward. The paper explores how an international agreement might facilitate and encourage

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S. 1013 authorizes the Department of Energy to conduct a program to demonstrate ten commercial-scale integrated geologic storage projects, and provides a framework for selection criteria for these demonstrations. Importantly, the bill addresses the long term-stewardship challenges associated with demonstration, including both long-term monitoring requirements and liability protection.

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Carbon capture and sequestration, or CCS, involves the capture of CO2 from power plants and other large industrial sources, its transportation to suitable locations, and injection into deep undergroun


The quantification of the carbon dioxide emissions impact associated with land-use change for biofuels production is complicated by the fact that the carbon costs from land-use change and the avoided emissions from substituting


Prompted by volatility in oil markets, growing concerns about global warming, and an interest in supporting farms and rural communities through stronger agricultural markets, several groups in the United States have turned their attention to the


CCS is a broad term that encompasses a number of technologies that can be used to capture CO2 from point sources, such as power plants and other industrial facilities; compress it; transport it mainly by pipeline to suitable locations; and inject it into deep subsurface geological formations for


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