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Meeting the ambitious goal of limiting global warming to 2° Celsius or less will require significant innovation - the improvement of technologies and processes to drive down their cost and improve their performance. Public climate finance is essential to spurring innovation and creating the

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2011 will be a big year for climate and energy policy development in China, so we thought we’d highlight some of the key China energy and climate-related stories to watch out for during the course of the year. We’ve known to expect major developments now for over a year, since China’s commitments made at the Copenhagen climate talks in late 2009 were scheduled to be implemented in the 2011 12th Five Year Plan.


This is an update to the first Bottom Line on Renewable Energy Tax Credits, published April 2008, which answers basic questions about different types of tax credits, their purpose, and qualification requirements. This document has been updated to reflect legislative changes that


The low-carbon energy imperative

Among the issues domestic and international policymakers must address in combating climate change is how to deploy and diffuse current low-carbon technologies in developing countries.


India, a rapidly emerging economy with the world’s second largest population, is facing a surging energy demand. Its rural Base of the Pyramid (BoP) consists of 114 million households, representing 76 percent of India’s rural residents and almost 60


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