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Is this what historic opportunity looks like? Paula Caballero, WRI Climate Director, discusses how the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals influence policymakers towards more holistic poverty and climate action.

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Fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Climate Agreement will depend on how they are translated into action by governments, and the extent to which they spur complementary action by actors like businesses, financial institutions, cities and the academic community. As a new WRI commentary explains, achieving both sets of objectives by 2030 will require more than just doing more of the same, faster. It will require new approaches and ways of doing business.

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Leaders of the United States, Mexico and Canada heralded a new phase in continent-wide collaboration on climate and energy at the June 29 North American Leadership Summit in Ottawa. For the first time, President Barack Obama, President Enrique Peña Nieto and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have put together an aligned and comprehensive set of climate and energy priorities.


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