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As Brazilian President Michel Temer fought for his political life over the past three months, he sought support from powerful interests to keep from being impeached. His efforts paid off, but this victory for the president brought a threat to his nation’s indigenous peoples and to Brazil’s climate commitments under the Paris Agreement.


Supporting national governments with tools and resources to track progress toward meeting their national climate commitments and to strengthen climate action.

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What's true for sports is true for tackling climate change: to make things happen, you have to agree on the rules of the game. Climate negotiators seeing in Bonn this month will be working to do just that to translate the vision of the Paris Agreement into action.

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The climate and open government communities have historically worked in silos. That arrangement can't continue if countries are to successfully implement their national climate plans under the Paris Agreement.

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The NDC Partnership, launched at COP22 last week, provides a platform for countries to accelerate their climate commitments into action.


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